No Name Description Unit Unit price Notes
1 Emcee (MC) Semi-professional emcee – good appearance with simple events Person/show From 500.000- 1.200.000 Price can be adjusted upon program
Professional emcee in Danang – speaking Vietnamese and English Person/ show From 1.800.000 Price can be adjusted upon program
Professional emcee – good appearance with massive events/ fashion shows Person/ show From 5.000.000 to 10.000.000 Price can be adjusted upon program
Television Presenter Person/ show From 15.000.000 to 50.000.000 transportation, accommodation, food fees and personal income tax included
    Emcee for Kid program/ event Person/ show From 800.000  


2 Singer Singer in Danang Person/ 2 songs From 2,000,000  
Singer for kid event Person/ 2 songs From 1,200,000  
Duet performance with professional singers in Danang Band/ 2 songs From 3,000,000  
Trio performance with professional singers in Danang Band/ 2 songs From 2,300,000  
Solo singer with dance group (3-4 dancers) Song From 3,500,000  
3 Flamenco Dancing Duet   2 dancers/ song From 1,500,000  
4 Kid Band Kids from Danang Children’s Center (dancing or singing) Person/ Song From 4,000,000  
5 Instrumental group/ Semi Classic Include: 1 violinist,1 pianist and 2 guitarists and musical instruments

Working in 1-2 hour(s)

Group/ show From 5,000,000  
6 Flamenco Band Include: 1 Drum Set (cajon/ bongo), 2 guitar (1 accord, 1 solo), 1 guitar bass and Musicians

Working in 1-2 hour(s)

Band/ Show From 5,500,000  
Modern Music Band Include: 1 Drum Kit, 1 Guitar Solo, 1 Guitar Bass, 1 Bongo, 1 Keyboard and musicians Band/ Show From 5,500,000  
Philippines Music Band Perform popular songs

Working in 2-3 hours/ show

Band/ Show Contact Us  
Folk Music Band Traditional Vietnamese Musical Instruments from Hue Band/ Show From 7,000,000  
Folk Music Band (Include singers play instruments) 4-5 female from Hue


Band/ Show From 5,000,000  
7 Dancers Professional Danang Dancer Person/ Performance From 300,000 Minimum 3 dancers
    Kid Dance Group Person/ Performance From 300,000  
8 Hip Hop Dance Group 3-5 dancers Group/ 2 performances From 1,800,000  
9 Martial Arts -Solo martial arts (without martial arts weapon)

– Forms

–  Two martial arts fighters


Person/ performance (5 minutes) From 350,000  
10 Musicians -Digital Piano and Pianist

– Working in 30mins – 1 hour/ Show

Person/ Show From 2,600,000  
-Violin and violinist

– Working in 30mins – 1 hour/ Show

Person/ Show From 2,000,000  
Guitar Person/ Show From 1,500,000  
Saxophone Person/ Show From 1,500,000  
    – Organ and organist

– Working in 2-3 hours

Person/ show From 1,000,000  
Musical band: Drum kit, Guitar bass, Guitar solo, organ Band/ show From 5,000,000  
11 DJ   Person/ show From 7,000,000 DJ and other equipment included
12 Model Male’s height: over 1.8 meters

Female’s height: over 1.7 meters

Person/ Show From 900,000 Training and rehearsal fees excluded
Professional model, supermodel, miss universe Person/ Show From 10,000,000 to 80,000,000

Contact us

transportation, accommodation, food fees and personal income tax excluded
13 Lion Dance Team 2 lions, 1 lion dance drum + banners Team From 4,000,000  


14 Dragon Dance Team 1 Dragon ( 10- 12 people), lion dance drum Team From 6,000,000  
2 Dragon (10-12 people/ dragon), lion dance drum Team From 11,000,000  
15 Vietnamese Drumming Performance 10 people Team From 4,500,000  

Military Band


9-11 people Team From 6,500,000  
17 Magicians Working in 15- 30 minutes Person/show From 2,000,000  
18 Beatbox Professional and unique performance Person/ show From 1,500,000  
19 Freestyle football (freestyle soccer) The art of self-expression through creatively juggling a football using any parts of the body, excluding the elbows to the hands. It combines football tricks, dance, acrobatics and music to entertain onlookers and compete with opponents. Person/ show From 1,200,000  
20 Flair Bartending entertaining guests, clientele or audiences with the manipulation of bar tools (e.g cocktail shakers) and liquor bottles in tricky, dazzling ways Person/show From 2,500,000  
21 Mascot Mickey mouse, Donald duck, etc Set/ day From 600,000 mascot costume only
Mascot and a person wearing it Person/ show From 900,000 Maximum of 2 hours of working time
Special effects makeup artist Person/hour From 300, 000  
22 Body Painting Artwork is painted directly onto the human skin (upon request)


Show From 5,500,000 Artist and model included
23 Living Statue   Person From 3,000,000  
24 Toy figurine  craftsman

(Tò he craftsman)

  Person From 1,500,000  
25 Vietnamese calligraphy   Person From 1,800,000  
26 Japanese tea ceremony   Person From 1,500,000  
27 Floral Design   Person From 1,200,000  


Contact Us:


Address: 42 Tran Quy Cap street, Hai Chau district, Danang city, Vietnam
Phone: 02363 50 11 68 –0931 9999 29 (Mr. Thiện)